Internet Shutdowns in Southeast Asia before & during the COVID-19

The ASEAN Regional Coalition to #StopDigitalDictatorshipis hosting the Webinar “Can We Live Without Internet? Internet Shutdowns in Southeast Asia before and during the COVID-19 pandemic” to discuss one of the most salient problems in our digital age: internet shutdowns.

Several governments in Southeast Asia have disrupted internet connectivity or even cut off internet access prior to and amid the pandemic to crack down on free expression and control the flow of information. The implementation of internet shutdowns has been seen in Indonesia and Myanmar in recent years, restricting people’s digital rights and putting their lives in danger.

Join the conversation as leading voices and experts from the ground will identify how governments have imposed internet shutdowns in ways that don’t comply with international standards. Civil societies groups will discuss challenges and will also share how we can all push back! #KeepItOn

Join the Webinar this Monday 2nd of August 2021, 12.00 PM – 2.00 PM Jakarta/Bangkok ICT time!

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Moderated by Unggul Sagena, Head of Internet Access Division, SAFEnet (Southeast Asia Freedom of Expression Network), the crucial webinar will include Digital Rights Defenders and experts:

  • Felicia Anthonio, Campaigner and #KeepItOn Lead, Access Now
  • Herlambang P. Wiratraman, Academician, Faculty of Law UNAIR
  • Htaike Htaike Aung, Executive Director, MIDO (Myanmar ICT for Development Organization)
  • Alia Yofira, Researcher, ELSAM (The Institute for Policy Research and Advocacy)
  • Alberto Dainotti & Ramakrishna Padmanabhan, Research Scientists, CAIDA (The Center for Applied Internet Data Analysis)

Learn more about our work with the ASEAN Regional Coalition to #StopDigitalDictatorshop , Click HERE