SAFEnet Condemns Latest Digital Rights Violations in Singapore

At the end of 2018, pro-democracy groups in Singapore were alerted on violations of digital rights that afflicted Terry Xu (The Online Citizen website editor), Willy Sum (writer), and Facebook user Leong Sze Hian. They experienced forms of violations, such as restraints on their expressions on the Internet, harassment of family members, and attacks on electronic devices.

Southeast Asia Freedom of Expression Network (SAFEnet) is a network of digital rights defenders for citizens in Southeast Asia. We were founded because of the belief that everyone has equal rights in accessing information, having freedom of expression, and being safe in every online activity.

We believe that the fulfilment of digital rights is part of respect for human rights (HR) as well as a mandatory requirement to realize a democratic society. Protecting digital rights is fundamental for every human being, especially those who are active on the Internet. Referring to these beliefs and principles, we as a network of digital rights defenders pay attention
to these cases that have recently occurred in Singapore.

As a form of solidarity with Singaporeans in exercising their digital rights, SAFEnet:

  1. Condemns the curbing of freedom of expression online, harassment of family, and attacks on activists and netizens in Singapore;
  2. Demands an end to threats and efforts which aimed to silence critical voices, both online and directly against netizens in Singapore;
  3. Calls for international civil society groups to take part in solidarity with Singaporeans against the recent violations of digital rights.

This is our call as a form of support for the pro-democracy struggle in Singapore.

Bali, January 10, 2019

Southeast Asia Freedom of Expression Network/SAFEnet

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