STOP IMMEDIATELY, Freedom of Speech Silencing Practice in Cyber Space

To this day, Indonesian government faith to protect its citizens freedom of speech is still worth to be questioned. Though already become the mandate of the Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia and the spirit of reform to open the tap wide open for public participation in the expression without fear of oversight, restraint and silencing. The protection of freedom of speech is something that can not be bargained again to ensure a healthy democracy.

One of the obstacles to the freedom of speech, especially in the cyberspace, lies in the existence of repressive article in Law No. 11/2008 on Information and Electronic Transactions (UU ITE), in particular Article 27, paragraph 3 that could easily imprison their expression and / or dissent in cyberspace. Criminalization of their expression and / or different opinions is certainly not in accordance with the spirit of reform. In many countries, the subject of defamation does not enter into the realm of criminal law, and fairly resolved by civil law.

According to institute for policy research and advocacy ELSAM (, stated that there were 32 cases of silencing freedom of speech in cyberspace today. SafeNet themselves in 2013 alone there were additional cases each month. In fact there is a tendency that the article 27 paragraph 3 of the ITE Law is used by those in power, such as officials or leaders, to silence those whose critical.

Also considering the absence of the ITE Law revision on the Prolegnas agenda for 2009-2014, made ​​a number of civil society, particularly SAFENET ( and ICT WATCH ( asked various stakeholders, especially the government, to immediately give special attention as soon as possible and take the necessary action to stop the practice of silencing freedom of expression and dissent in cyberspace.

SAFENET also encourage the public participation to urge the government because of the continuity of a healthy democracy, demanding the abolition of criminalization and / or imprisonment for freedom of expression and dissent, both in cyberspace and in the real world.

Thus are the statement we compile, to be a concern for all of us.


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