IGF 2013 Narrative Report

\"coverIGF 2013 Narrative Report describes the preparation process, the results, and the lessons learned from the 8th IGF that was held in Bali, Indonesia, from October 22 to 25, 2013. The 8th IGF was organized and funded by various groups to represent the spirit of the multi-stakeholder approach. Moreover, to embody a transparent and accountable multi-stakeholder process as an aim of the 8th IGF, this report is intended to be available for the public, in general, and for donors and other relevant stakeholders in particular.

This report was primarily developed from the reflections of the stakeholders involved in the organizing process of the 2013 IGF. Additionally, the report draws upon official documents from the ID-IGF and IGF websites to provide a more comprehensive picture about the 2013 IGF. The links to these documents are included in the footnotes for further reading.
The 8th IGF was organized and funded by multi-stakeholder cooperation from the beginning to the end. Thus, the most valuable lessons for the 2013 IGF organizing committee came from the challenges in working with a multi-stakeholder platform. To resolve conflicts and ensure effective communication, the 2013 IGF committee members worked together to ensure the broad inclusion of stakeholders, a shared sense of stewardship, productive consensus building, and strategic engagement of media channels. By including government, private sector, and civil society representative in its organizing process, the 2013 IGF encouraged all stakeholders to be financially and managerially transparent and accountable in order to develop a relationship of trust among each other and with the public.

Overall, the 2013 IGF is aimed at enhancing Internet governance at local, regional and global levels. The organizers of the 2013 IGF wish that the multi-stakeholder collaboration will continue to serve as a sustainable and relevant platform in the future towards transparent, accountable, professional, and egalitarian internet governance in Indonesia and globally.

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