[Open Letter] Cellebrite should not go public without demonstrating human rights compliance

Cellebrite, another notorious Israeli surveillance tech company, is going public this summer. Due to incredible investigations by CPJ, lawyer Eitay Mack, Haaretz, and others, we have learned of egregious human rights abuses allegedly committed with the help of Cellebrite\’s technologies around the world, including Myanmar, Hong Kong, Belarus, Russia, Bahrain, Botswana, Nigeria, Indonesia, India and so on. 

Cellebrite acknowledges that one of the company’s key risks is that some of its “products may be used by customers in a way that is, or that is perceived to be, incompatible with human rights” and that “any such perception could adversely affect [its] reputation, revenue and results of operations.” Despite this acknowledgment, Cellebrite continues selling its products to repressive regimes and enabling detentions, prosecutions, and harassment of journalists, civil rights activists, dissidents, and minorities around the world.

Therefore SAFEnet (Southeast Asia Freedom of Expression Network) and CSOs are calling on investors and stakeholders like U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (the SEC), NASDAQ, and other relevant stakeholders in Cellebrite’s bid to go public to halt this deal until Cellebrite shows it will respect human rights.

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