SAFEnet and AJI Submit Evidences of Internet Shutdown To The Court

On today’s trial of the case for the internet shutdown in Papua and West Papua registered by the Press Freedom Defender Team against the Ministry of Communication and Information Republic of Indonesia and the President of the Republic of Indonesia, SAFEnet and AJI submit evidences of internet shutdown in Papua and West Papua at the PTUN Building in Jakarta.

During the hearing led by Chief Judge Nelvy Christin SH MH, Baiq Yuliani SH, Indah Mayasari SH MH, the plaintiffs submit a number of evidences. Likewise, Defendant I and Defendant II, this time submitted evidences, while previously they did not submitted evidences.

After checking the evidences, the panel of judges then scheduled an examination of witnesses starting next week. Chairman of the Panel of Judges, Nelvy emphasized that the case hearing 230/G/2019/ PTUN-JKT was targeted to be completed for five months. “According to the agenda, we have arranged next week an examination of fact witnesses from the plaintiff. Four of them will be presented,” said the judge.

Attorney for the Press Freedom Defense Team Ahmad Fathanah Haris said, to strengthen the argument of the lawsuit over the internet shutdown, the plaintiff will present 4 fact witnesses and 3 expert witnesses. The team will attend the hearing next week and will present 4 fact witnesseswho were directly affected by internet shutdown.

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