Urgent Action To Help Freedom of Expression in Cambodia #SaveTheDaily

The condition of freedom of expression in Cambodia is worsening. The freedom of the press and independence to assemble is increasingly suppressed. One recently reported is: The Cambodia Daily, an independent media that has long reported life-related information in Cambodia, was forced by the Cambodian government to pay taxes worth $ 6.4 million or to be closed next month on September 4, 2017.

Previously other media Radio Free Asia and Voice of America were accused of not being registered with the tax department and not having a broadcasting license and reportedly to be closed following CNRP Radio Station 93.5fm which closed on August 23, 2017. Furthermore, various CSOs affiliated with the Party Democrat in the United States, the National Democratic Institute, then the Cambodia Center for Independent Media (CCIM) that produces Voice of Democracy, etc. are being repressed by closing  number of relay stations and revoking broadcasting permissions.

The reason behind this repression, because next year Hunsen will run again to become President of Cambodia and for that he \”clean up the political opponents\” of the US elements who attempt to subvert it.

SAFEnet invites Freedom of Expression activists in Southeast Asia to come together to rally the #SavetheDaily Cambodia campaign on social media. You can download the material campaign from: https://www.facebook.com/withoutfearorfavor/posts/653843051472408

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