#FED2017 Call for Volunteers!

SAFEnet – Southeast Asia Freedom of Expression Network, a voluntary-based network of freedom of expression defenders (bloggers, activists, journalists, technologists, lawyers and Internet policy experts who dedicated to promote freedom of expression online) in Southeast Asia, is looking for new volunteers.

Roles of SAFEnet volunteers:
* Conduct documentation of cases of violation of freedom of expression in Southeast Asia countries
* Entry regular updating in the data center and website
* Assist to identity relevant parties that can help cases related violation of freedom of expression
* Accompany and build solidarity with victims of expression violations

Rewards for SAFEnet volunteers:
* Getting initial training related to SAFENET and Freedom of Expression (FED / Freedom of Expression Defenders)
* Attribution to the name that has contributed
* The discretion to establish a network of either the regional level of Southeast Asia or the world related issues of Freedom of Expression
* Certificate of appreciation for contributions to SAFENET

Send your CV and motivation letter containing your reason why want to volunteer for SAFEnet to: rekruitmen.safenet@gmail.com

Deadline: Sunday, 20 August 2017

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