Letter to Government of Singapore Regarding Roy Ngerng’s Case

SAFENET — a network of Southeast Asia bloggers and online activists who fight for the freedom expression online for Internet users in Southeast Asia — have paid special attention to the case of the Roy Ngerng, a blogger from Singapore who has written nearly 400 articles over the past 2 years on The Heart Truths To Keep The Singaporean Thinking http://thehearttruths.com

We have followed the case since it first appeared on the May 19, 2014 until when Mr. Ngerng was found guilty of defaming the Singaporean Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and Mr. Ngerng had to pay a fine of S$180,000. Due to the large sum, Mr. Ngerng now has to pay S$100 each month starting April 2016 until April 2021, and then $1,000 every month from 2021 to 2033 – for a total of 17 years.

These facts present an alarming campaign of harassment by a head of state against an individual blogger reporting on matters of public concern. These facts constitute multiple violations of the right to freedom of expression. These facts intended not only to silence Mr. Ngerng, but to have send an unequivocal chilling message to Singaporeans that there are severe consequences for criticizing the government, whether in the relatively free online space or in the heavily restricted physical public space.

Therefore after observing the case, we send this letter to Government of Singapore.

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2 Replies to “Letter to Government of Singapore Regarding Roy Ngerng’s Case”

  1. Loh WL

    I’m not sure if you have read all the posts made by Mr Ngerng, freedom of speech shouldn’t equate to “I can say whatever I want without taking any responsibility” There are avenues in our country whereby you can give feedback, voice your concerns about the way the country is run and changes had been made after such feedback were raised. If you are really that concerned over the citizens, start by doing grassroots work, help the needy in the community and not hide behind the computer typing away thinking you are the righteous hero that everyone needs.
    Mr Ngerng, sad to say, did not stand for the right to voice out. He raised biased accusations at the governing body, build on people’s negative sentiments and at the end of the day, he also stood for the recent elections. Political agenda? Hidden motives for starting the blog in the first place? Can’t say for sure but sure looks like it.

  2. Alan Toh

    Grassroot works are just touching the surface.

    What Roy or what we Singaporeans need are issues that are far more serious.

    Singaporeans had been proving feedbacks…but what happened? It’s gone with the wind.

    The stance that the govt take is like…
    1. I’m always right.
    2. I know what’s best for you.
    3. I’m a superior being I don’t need your advise or feedback.
    4. Get the hell out of my elite non caring face.
    5. You die your business.
    6. You are poor because you are lazy.
    7. Flood happens once every 50 years.
    8. Sell your HDB and rent back from HDB if you are poor. (Opps there is a 30 months duration penalty which some Anus doctor forgot)

    In developed and first world countries…the govt don’t sue their citizens.

    You don’t see Bush suing the fellow who throw a slipper at his face.

    Are we a Republic or are we the new North Korea?

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