Singapore Prime Minister Threatens To Sue Roy Ngerng

Roy Ngerng Yi Ling, 33, a blogger from Singapore who has written nearly 400 articles over the past 2 years on The Heart Truths To Keep The Singaporean Thinking about what is happening in Singapore, threatens to be sued by The Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong. The email sent to Roy from Lee Hsien Loong’s lawyer Davinder Singh from Drew & Napier LLC.

The letter demands him to take down his May 15 article, \”Where Your CPF Money Is Going: Learning From The City Harvest Trial\”. The article contains the “false and baseless allegation” that Mr Lee — who is also chairman of sovereign wealth fund GIC — is guilty of misappropriating money paid by Singaporeans to the CPF Board.

Not only take down the article from his blog, the letter states that he has to remove them from two Facebook pages, within three days. He is also to publish an apology and undertaking not to make further similar allegations on his blog for the same duration that the May 15 article remained on the blog. Otherwise, legal action will be taken against him.

Commenting on the letter of demand, Mr Ngerng wrote on his blog that he “believes in speaking up for my country and my fellow citizens”, and expressed disappointment at being sued for defamation, as well as “being silenced”.

His lawyer M Ravi said last evening that a response indicating Mr Ngerng’s position would be drafted and sent to Mr Lee and his lawyers in the next two days. Mr Ngerng had removed the blog post in question by 10.30pm.

Source: Today Online, Roy personal blog