Freemium Hosting Services to Community and non-Profit Organizations

KalamKata freemium ( free + premium ) web hosting with professional features specifically for community bloggers / citizen journalist, NGO/NGO and institutional/non profit activities that carry out the functions/duties, for example (but not limited to ) promote equal rights and pluralism, the protection of human rights, child protection, protection of migrant workers, legal aid, strengthening gender equality, LGBT advocacy, health programs, the promotion of arts, culture, human struggle, humanitarian, conservation of flora and fauna ( natural ) or non-formal education for the people of lower middle class.

You only need to fill in the ORDER FORM , then you can use this service at a cost of $ 0 , – ( zero dollars ) , free of charge ! Read more details below :


  1. 170 MB space , 170 email accounts ( / net / org ) , 17 subdomains ( ) , 17 mySQL databases .
  2. 170 scripts ready to be installed in your domain , using Softaculous auto – installer from .
  3. CPanel control panel of your hosting arrangement which facilitates ( see the demo , username : x3demob , password : x3demob )

(Note : we do not provide technical services for scripting, coding, programming or debugging over the installation script on your hosting account)


  1. The service is not for the benefit of the individual / individuals and are not allowed to matters related to commercial content , pornography , gambling , racial incitement , sadism , copyright infringement , black hacking activities , or for activities which obviously contradicts the laws of Indonesia and / or install / run program / ​​script / bot that can overload the server resources (memory and CPU load ) in excess . If there is a breach above the KalamKata manager will provide a response in the form of an email warning to disable the associated hosting account .
  2. Business KalamKata not responsible for the content that users uploaded to the hosting account each and consequences that may arise related to the content . The user is solely responsible in any way for the content uploaded by him alone .
  3. The users are required to use the services that have been registered , should not be ignored or neglected . This service is valid for two (2 ) years and may be extended by mutual consent . Users also must install the banner KalamKata and in – link to the url . The banner at the bottom of this page .

(Note : if you turned out to choose / decide not to fill / use / update the content on your hosting account for a certain period of time , then the maintenance will cost Rp 170 thousand per month )


  1. Did you have a domain name ? If not , please check the availability of the desired domain name ( check for .com / .net / .org or to / ) . Then the message of the domain name through a third-party commercial services ( eg in cmhoster or techscape ) and ask their technical admins to ” direct the name server ( ns ) domain had to and ” . If you already have a domain name and content previously , then the first move you to the first content server KalamKata , then ask technical admin directs the name server as described above .
  2. ORDER FORM Fill out completely and correctly . The data you provide will we maintain the confidentiality and privacy and we will not give to another party without your consent or without any formal request from law enforcement based on existing law . If you already have a response / reply from us , just do step no.2 below .
  3. If necessary , we will ask for some additional information from you . Once all administrative and clarification is complete, we will send your login information concerning access and kesepahahamn memorandum ( MOU ) to be signed . Hosting you are ready to use .

( Note : make sure the domain name of your choice to have the name server settings and )

Description :

If there is not you understand about the points above or want help with regard to the registration / transfer of a domain name and / or hosting , please contact us via e – mail support [at ] or support [at ] .

KalamKata banner size options to be installed on your site :


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